Micro Is The New Macro

Sammy Ortiz
3 min readApr 10, 2020

The definition of a microcosm is a small piece of something large that accurately represents the whole.

God Pressed the Restart Button

On March 15th, everything shifted in every church in North America. They all became either online, micro, or house churches.

Now don’t get me wrong, there had to be pivoting and adaptation due to the cataclysmic change brought on by Covid-19.

Something tells me there has to be more to what is happening in the western church at large.

It’s like owning a MacBook Pro and the colorful spinning wheel is on the screen and all you can do is long press the power button to shut it down in order to restart it.

That’s what I believe God is doing.

Stripped Down

Facebook and YouTube are inundated on Sunday mornings as of March 15th with a gazillion churches live streaming. I love it!

The creativity that is being showcased as ministries use technology to proclaim the gospel is fascinating.

It’s also telling about what isn’t necessary to convey the greatest message of all time.

  • Buildings — since we have to practice social distancing, buildings are not being occupied by the masses.
  • Fog machines — I haven’t seen fog in any of the online services.
  • Light shows — no light shows to make the fog stand out.
  • Concerts — I’ve not seen any performances or shows.
  • Children’s church — maybe I’m watching the wrong online services, but I haven’t seen one specific for children.
  • Youth groups — I could almost say the same thing aforementioned about children’s church. Not one service for youth only.

I’m wondering if any of the things were ever necessary?

Back to the Basics

This reset reminds me of Vince Lombardi when he told the Green Bay Packers players at training camp, “this is a football!”

I would have loved to be in that room just to see the expressions on those players faces.

Sammy Ortiz

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