Brainstorming on how to develop Youth Startups in Mexico

Entrepreneurship as Intentional Gospel Mission

Sammy Ortiz


I know that for some, entrepreneurship and mission do not belong together. Somehow, it’s as if the only way to accomplish God’s mission is by being in full-time vocational ministry.

The Mission Field of Underestimated Communities

I work in a community that is underestimated! Not only is the community underestimated, it’s invisible.

If there was ever a place that needed missionaries, underestimated communities do.

Unfortunately, when we think about the mission field, it’s somewhere overseas. We don’t think about the people who live on the other side of town, or down the street.

How is it that we can spend thousands of dollars to go overseas, yet fail to help the people that live in our own cities?

There is a way to help people without hurting them.

Faith, Work, and Entrepreneurship

These three go together even though it may jar the brain to think of them as one package.

We see these three in operation in the book of Genesis in the Bible. In chapter 1, we see God creating everything from nothing. Chapter 2 is where faith, work, and entrepreneurship is introduced.

Adam (man) is tasked with the responsibility of caring for the garden and naming all of the animals that God created. It is the very first venture.

It took faith for Adam to have full confidence to do what God had tasked him to do. Work was good! It wasn’t until after Adam and Eve sinned that work became hard but it was never to be considered as a curse.

The entrepreneurial aspect of Adam naming the animals whatever he wanted was a clear indicator that God was ok with the risk involved in this new venture as he gave it to man to care for it.

The Great Disconnect

Somehow over the last century, there has been some confusion in the church about what is sacred and what is secular. Especially, when it involves work or vocation.

It seems that if what people do is not ministry related, vocation wise, they’re not “doing” ministry.



Sammy Ortiz

U.S. Army Veteran | Social Entrepreneur | Ecosystem Builder | Founder of Community Collective