Over analysis can lead to mental paralysis

Maybe it has to do with my personality, but when I set my mind on something my resolve is to start it. I don’t think about the challenges until/if they show up.

This is not to say that one should not have a plan that is thought out, but again, my personality doesn’t function that way.

It works for me.

As an ecosystem builder that works with youth predominantly, I like that their impulses don’t make them very hesitant. I believe that that’s the secret sauce to their startup success.

My experience with…

The definition of a microcosm is a small piece of something large that accurately represents the whole.

God Pressed the Restart Button

On March 15th, everything shifted in every church in North America. They all became either online, micro, or house churches.

Now don’t get me wrong, there had to be pivoting and adaptation due to the cataclysmic change brought on by Covid-19.

Something tells me there has to be more to what is happening in the western church at large.

It’s like owning a MacBook Pro and the colorful spinning wheel is on the screen and all you can do is long press the…

A lot has changed in the world because of COVID-19. Social gatherings have been halted in order to prevent the spread of a disease that has no cure.

What hasn’t changed is the fact that people need to be cared for within the context of community.

Microchurches Exploded

On March 15th, every church that gathers primarily in a building had a new experience. They couldn’t assemble together in that way.

While they wouldn’t classify themselves as micro-churches, they became that momentarily for the sake and care of their congregants.

My question is how do we pivot?

How can we make disciples in…

(L to R) China, Nolan, James

All across America there are young people who have the potential to do great things. Unfortunately, some of these youth are never given the opportunity to showcase those great things because they’re underestimated for whatever those reasons are. I’ll list a few here, as this could be exhaustive depending on the ethos.

Youth Are Underestimated Because of…

Stereotypes — some young people live under the umbrella of stereotypes. Depending on their age, it could be that they’re lazy, sensitive, disengaged, the list could go on and on. These stereotypes have been attributed by those who don’t understand them.

Where They’re From — where you live…

Every week from Monday through Thursday this space gets occupied by young people, ages 10–18.

Technically, it’s the only teen center in our county. We know because my intern researched this.

While it can get loud in this room, it’s the most beautiful loudness you’ll ever hear. There’s something about enthusiastic young people that can electrify the environment they’re in.

Daily Hugs

The perks of my job is that I get to play video games, engaging conversations, and daily hugs.

At first, there was hesitancy from the young men especially to hug. …

Brainstorming on how to develop Youth Startups in Mexico

I know that for some, entrepreneurship and mission do not belong together. Somehow, it’s as if the only way to accomplish God’s mission is by being in full-time vocational ministry.

The Mission Field of Underestimated Communities

I work in a community that is underestimated! Not only is the community underestimated, it’s invisible.

If there was ever a place that needed missionaries, underestimated communities do.

Unfortunately, when we think about the mission field, it’s somewhere overseas. We don’t think about the people who live on the other side of town, or down the street.

How is it that we can spend thousands of dollars to go overseas…

I remember when I was 5 years old I got lost in a store. Yes, that’s possible. I freaked out! I was on the verge of bursting into tears when I spotted them. What a relief to be reunited with them after minutes felt like an eternity.

I can’t imagine the trauma these children, some as young as toddlers, are experiencing from being separated from their parents.

Possible deportation for the entire family is the risk that I’m sure the parents knew could happen.

My concern is that there was not much forethought before the raids yesterday of what to…

One would think that the energy generated at conferences would be enough for participants to return to their areas and “poof” their ideas materialize into a viable startup. It’s not realistic!

Startups happen best in the context of community as individuals collaborate with others in an environment where feedback is readily available to be shared once trust is established amongst the group.

They Are Fun

Conferences are hecka fun. The excitement in the air can be cut with a knife. …

Sammy Ortiz

U.S. Army Veteran | Pastor | Social Entrepreneur | Ecosystem Builder | Founder of Y•E•S

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